Is this a hardware problem or software problem?

Here is my issue. Basically my MacBook Pro 13" Haswell has trackpad issues. Even after applying the EFI update, it still has some issues. These problems have persisted ever since the laptop has been released.

These problems include:

  • Pinch-to-zoom suddenly doesn't work, but smart zoom does work.
  • Can't scroll.
  • Two-finger page swipe suddenly doesn't work.
  • Notification Center fails to appear with the two finger gesture.
  • Trackpad doesn't even respond to any gesture, but this happens rarely.

The only fix is to simply close the MacBook for 1 second, open it up, and unlock. It gets really frustrating. I just want to know whether or not this is a hardware or software issue. Anything would highly be appreciated... (Or if you are experiencing the same thing I am, say down below.)