My Surface Pro 2 Review

Hello everyone, I'm a new member of this forum and I would like to introduce myself first before proceeding on my first post. I'm an asian guy and not a native english speaker. I'm a fan of tech and it doesn't matter if it's Apple, Google or Microsoft -- I use what works for me.

So let's proceed with my SP2 review.

First Impressions

I recently bought a Surface Pro 2 last Christmas. It was imported from the U.S. because it isn't really available here in my country. The screen is gorgeous and the build quality is class S. It's quite heavy but I kinda knew that already. I also bought a purple type cover with it which I call Barney. Barney is very usable but the only problem with it is the touchpad. More on that later. The charger that comes with it is fine but I wish it could have been longer. I love that it has a USB plug which you can plug and charge your other devices in.

Screen and Display

The screen looks gorgeous. One of the best I've seen for hybrids. It's a fingerprint magnet but what touchscreen isn't? My main complaint is the lack of support for scaling on the desktop. Internet Explorer looks nice even when scaled up. Firefox did a great job with that too. Google Chrome on the other hand looks real bad - how hard is it to support proper scaling? Other Apps that scale well is Github for Windows and SublimeText. Github for Windows -- I think that's how Windows 9 desktop apps should look like. It has got a Zunish interface which is what I think all Windows 9 desktop apps should look like.

Type Cover

I've really no problem typing with the Type cover. Keys are very typable and feels like a real keyboard. The only problem with it is the touchpad. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. When I try to put my finger on it, I should expect the pointer to be moving but sometimes it's not there. So I remove and re-attach the keyboard and there it is back working again. The swipe gestures doesn't work with the touchpad. Also, wasn't it that when you click in a purple Type Cover, the Metro theme background will change to purple? Can anyone confirm that? I think I saw that during the Surface Pro 1 demos.


This is where I got all my bad experience from. If you have a Surface Pro 2, don't ever reset it! Why? It's because the factory reset doesn't have the complete drivers for the touch/type keyboard. I've already solved the problem but it took me some researching to do. It included downloading some Octoberish firmware drivers and deploying them manually.

Another issue that I had on the first week is the Xbox Live integration with Games. I was able to connect to Xbox Live via the Games app with no problems at all. But games that has Xbox Live integration won't connect to XBL. It got me holding off from playing the XBL games for awhile until a system update fixed it last week. XBL problems are gone and I was able to play Halo Spartan with my Razer Onza controller.

Metro Apps are still lacking. Don't get me wrong, I already have the apps that I need but it still feels the app selection is limited. The main Metro apps that I always use are Plex, Mail, Internet Explorer, Cover, Weave, Fresh Paint, Sketchbook Express and the XBL games.


I love the build quality. It feels solid. The pen works well without lag and I am truly amazed by it. The kickstand feels good but I rarely use the wide kickstand angle. Screen is gorgeous. The type cover is good but the touchpad cold use some improvement. The built in camera is usable but not really that amazing.


My initial experience with the Surface Pro 2 wasn't really good at all. In fact it was really bad. But I was patient enough to solve issues on my own and with all the firmware and system updates that was delivered recentlly it seems that my problems has been fixed. Overtime, I've learned to love it and I'm looking forward to be using this as my main device for work for this year. I'll be spending a lot of time with it and I hope MS would continue to deliver firmware updates to make this device better.

Thanks a lot for dropping by.