MS can learn a thing or two from its partners

Maybe MS really needs an OEM conference to learn about advanced consumer user design and and consumer experience. I like windows 8 and use it everyday with ease. I understand it.. It only took ten minutes to figure out. However, it wasnt revolutionary and for the average lazy CE user, it forced people to explore to find the things they had already gotten used to in the previous OS experience.. BIG no no.

Instead, MS should be looking at the innovation of its partners (SAMSUNG AND LENOVO in particular) who are bringing customers to the platform in spite of the current Windows experience.

This video is a case in point of simple intuitive innovations which MS seems to have gotten right on the one hand (in OneNote) but missed across its entire operating system. Sinofsky really screwed MS with Windows 8 and his non sharing policy.

Are there other examples of innovations that MS needs to focus on to get users back to their ecosystem? I'm sure Lenovo has many more innovations than just the simple ones displayed in this video.