Should I buy a Wii U? (Yes, in 2014)

Hi all,

So, before answering the question in the title, please read through this so you understand me and what I expect from a console better:

I just turned 20, I've been gaming for years now and the games I played were usually shooters and adventures: The CoD's, Battlefield's, Halo's, GoW's GTA's, etcetera. To be honest, I feel like playing all new games costs so much time, and especially the "play it alone" or "in parties" aspect is very very time consuming.

I don't own any of the next - gen consoles, I only own an Xbox 360.

So for the past weeks I wanted to have a console that would be much more fun to play with, well, family. I imagine the Wii U being this console that's fun to play and laugh with my 16 year old brother or even my parents. I'm realising now that after this age I won't heavily get into any of the triple A titles that are coming out, say, Titanfall or the Division. I want a console that I can play casually and just have fun with family.

In this case, is the Wii U a good alternative? I've even been thinking hooking it up in the living instead of my 27" 1080p monitor I normally use.

By the way, can please any Wii U users respond as well? I would love to hear some insight from people who've actually owned the "last" gen consoles and now own a Wii U. I will be active in the comments below to discuss.

Thanks :)