iOS user opinion- Nexus 5 Review/compared to the 5S


People have said to me for a while you cannot tell the difference between 720p and 1080p, they are wrong there is a noticeable increased sharpness on the Nexus 5 over the 5S. Overall the Nexus 5 has a big nice display the only negative on it is the viewing angles are pretty poor at a certain degree it gives off a gray hue. I personally find the Nexus 5 to be slightly to big. Moto X still seems to be the perfect size for a phone, at least for me. Contrast and brightness seems slightly better on the 5S but not by much.


Battery life for me was not bad, about 3-4 hours screen on time under mixed usage. Nexus 5 really dropped on battery life while playing games and browsing for extended periods of times. I found the iPhone 5S to have a significantly longer browsing battery life over the N5. After flashing Franco kernel it helped extend battery by about 30min which is good.


This is depends, Nexus 5 is the fastest Android experience I have ever experienced! But one major thing separates it with the iPhone and that's endurance. Unfortunately the Nexus 5 thermally throttles very fast and it destroys gaming experience. I played one race of riptide GP2 and it started out very smooth then became choppy within 5 minutes with core temps of 72+ Celsius and battery temp of 120F. The Additional RAM is great however, it can handle larger applications with no problem. I never have to close apps on the phone. Basically if you don't game too much performance is fine


Obviously the 5S has a better and faster camera. But the Nexus 5 has improved a ton over the Nexus 4 and actually takes pretty good photos in good lighting, HDR+ seems to help so much that I just leave it on by default now.


Android overall is better than iOS in most things, I wish Android could run on iPad especially. My biggest issue with it was the notification center was a bit confusing, some notifications would expand and some wouldn't disappear and I ended up missing iMessage a lot. Thats pretty much all I could find wrong with it. I still don't believe Google was targeting the average consumer with the Nexus 5 but more the developers or people who are experienced with rooting etc..



Nexus 5 best android phone out there, heat issues can reduce performance greatly in heavy apps. Camera improved a lot, still poor low light. Battery life decent can be improved with custom kernel. Display sharp,big viewing angles poor compared to the 5S contrast lower. Android KK great OS still has a few problems, Hangouts not as good as iMessage :)