what's a good option for a windows 8 device?

Hey MS Tribe,

With so many options for windows devices, I'm having a hard time deciding what to get.

I'm mainly a Mac user, but I'm curious about the Windows 8 ecosystem, so I wanted to get a device to use as a tablet mostly, no heavy work, maybe some games. I might connect it to the TV and use it as a pseudo "console" for steam and emus. This last feature is a nice to have but not required.

My first impulse was to get the Surface 2, I know it's RT but its the right balance of size, weight and battery life. I like the kickstand and the keyboard covers. However, its kind of a bummer I can't use Steam, Chrome, or almost any emulators. Surface Pro 2 comes to mind, but it's more on the thick and heavy side. Plus, at almost $1k, its kind of expensive.

The Lumia tablet also comes to mind, but I'm not interested in LTE and it doesn't have a kickstand, I'd rather get the Surface 2 instead.

Then there are all of the other weird options like the Yoga or the Dell with the flip screen. I've seen them but I don't know if they're real "winners". As I said before, I'm more interested in the tablet form factor, and I like these devices because the keyboard can move out of the way and even be used as a kickstand of sorts.

The other options I was considering were the cheaper tablets like the Dell Venue or the 8 inch Lenovo that had good impressions at CES this year. I have no idea how low powered they are, what type of steam games could these puppies run (or not run)?