Galaxy Note II Still Worth It?

I'm looking to replace my iPhone 5 with the Note 2; this is mainly due to the battery being a little on the short side as far as day to day longevity is concerned. I've used almost every platform (except WebOS which died before I really got into tech); the Z10 (God awful), Galaxy S3, HTC One, HTC 8X And 8S, Lumia 920 (amazing battery but ecosystem needed work when I used it), Nexus 4, and a Bold 9930. Getting back on topic, the Galaxy Note 3 really caught my attention until I used the demo unit in my local AT&T; surprise, it pushed screen sizes to my limit. So without making it lengthy, is the Galaxy Note II still worth buying (or in this particular case, I was offered the Note II for my iPhone 5)? I just need a device that can withstand someone as on the go and constantly (and I mean constantly) connected as I am. The S4 was out of the question as some reason, it doesn't appeal to me and I've had a bad experience with the S3 so I'm hesitant about it (and with the SV coming soon, it didn't seem like a upgrade from the S3). So is going from the i5 to the Note 2 via trade worth it? Thanks in advance for your opinions.