Did I get the wrong headphone amp?

Recently I acquired a Schiit Bifrost DAC and Valhalla amp to pair with a set of Beyerdynamic T1 headphones. It's a great combination — maybe a tad bright, but as I understand it, that's kind of Beyer's signature sound. (I'm still relatively new to this headphone audiophilia stuff.)

The problem is that I think I'd eventually like to get a pair of orthos, probably Audeze LCD-2s or LCD-Xs. And Schiit is very explicit about the fact that the Valhalla doesn't work well on orthos — where it shines is with very high-impedance cans like the T1. And to complicate matters further, I also have a pair of Shure SE535s and will likely upgrade to SE846s at some point.

Schiit-valhalla-560The Schiit Valhalla. Looks cool, right?

So one option is to step DOWN to the discrete Asgard 2, which has a gain switch to handle both low- and high-power needs. The Asgard is very positively reviewed, but now that I'm in the tube world, I'm not super pumped about going back to a discrete amp. Another option is to get a Lyr, which is the next model above the Valhalla — but it lacks a gain switch, and in Schiit's own words, "6 watts is more than enough to let the magic smoke out of most headphones."

So... the most insane option is to get a Gungnir DAC (which has two line outs) and wire it to both the Valhalla and a Lyr simultaneously. But I've already spent too much money on this rig as it is. Do I sell the Valhalla and get an Asgard? Do I take my chances with orthos on the Valhalla? Do I just get a Lyr and pray that I don't blow up my T1s? Is there a good single-tube amp solution for under $1,000 elsewhere outside Schiit? (I'm really in love with Schiit's products.)