Maybe a bezel-less(*), no home button iPhone may come after all

Here's an excerpt from Leander Kahney's "Jony Ive" book:

Jony believed the iPhone would be all about the screen. In their earliest discussions, the designers agreed that nothing should detract from the screen, which Jony likened to an "infinity pool," those high-end swimming pools with an invisible edge.

Hmm... if you recall, the idea for the home button was originated by Scott Forstall. In the beginning, the design team, hardware engineering team and software engineering team were siloed. They couldn't talk to each other. The VPs got status, but team members were compartmentalized. So, Ive was probably given the requirement for a home button from Jobs or was convinced it was necessary.

Now with Forstall out of the picture, and Jony Ive is basically the defacto person in charge of hardware and software design decisions, I'm beginning to wonder. Won't happen in 2015. Maybe in 2016. Maybe the 500 DPI touch ID capacitive sensor could be eliminated by making the capacitive touch layer for the display higher resolution? Hmm.

(*) bezel-less meaning there will be a very small bezel on the order of 1 mm.