Yearning for Jawbone... should I wait?

Where do we post about gadgets that do not belong to any of the giants? Feel free to move this.

So I'm really wanting the Jawbone, and I'm not gonna lie it's mostly because it looks amazing and will make me feel like a cyborg.

But then I realise it's been out since 2012, so I'm worried they might release a new version soon. There must be a lot more these kind of wearable gadgets can do (right now I feel they're more or less a glorified step counter, apart from maybe the sleep function which - gasp - also just measure movement). I would especially like a Bluetooth sync function, which I feel is not far away. But most of all I just hate having gadgets that are not the latest (you can tell I'm really vain.)

So what do you think, should I wait? Are there rumours of new hardware coming soon?