Windows Phone 8.1? I don't think so... What about Windows Phone 9?

Remember when MSFT first released their mobile OS? It resembled a strange tile/metro interface we all are now very familiar with. When it was released, it was something that seemed largely incohesive with the desktop and xbox. The tiles seemed new and revolutionary (or atleast innovative from my POV).

I am starting to think It'd be a great idea to rebrand their mobile OS update of WP8.1 to WP9. Wouldn't that be a shock and promote interest among consumers?

The OS is, speculatively, going to be a huge refresh to 8. It "allegedly" is going to have software keys, a whole new series of devices, be on par with android flagship devices, and will mark a new era in the Windows Phone Catalog.

I guess the reason I think the name would work so well is because I think this is going to be a revolutionary point for the windows phone. While success is stunted in the U.S. The Windows Phone is becoming increasingly popular in most other areas of the world. This OS refresh will bring the top tier devices to Windows Phone, similarly to the way the GS3 started a real revolution in the android market, past the iPhone. That phone, and preceding phones. Is what prompted the size boost when the iPhone 5 was launched (and dissassembled their canon that the prior iPhones were the perfect size).

The name would create the same kind of post-8 buzz they are "allegedly" creating with the manufacturing of Windows 9. I personally like that the mobile OS is a taste of what the future of the desktop/tablet OS is like. Kind of how the WP7 interface became a key part of what Windows 8 was.

I think it'd be a great idea and would promote the image that they are truly looking to the future... bettering the product and not simply "fixing the stuff they should've" in 8 to begin with (a very common comment on the Windows 8.1 release).

Just wondering what your thoughts are on this?

Some of you may argue it's just semantics but I think that names of these things can largely effect popular opinion the way 7 was so popular after vista disappointed so many expectations as far as sales went.

This would obviously take a lot of work on MSFT's part and I hope they rise to the challenge to make the next iteration of Windows Phone undeniable brilliant, something the Android and iOS users can't ignore; something they will actually consider when they make their next phone upgrade.