The 'big plans' for Apple. Will it be just a larger iPhone 6 and a larger iPad Pro?

1) Apple takes its time over a new product in a new category

2) Apple has no reason to not just update the Apple TV with an SDK and an App Store

3) An iWatch is cool (i still think it will be called an iPod) but Apple has made so many hirings and acquisitions that they will have to work overtime to try and incorporate all that tech into it for a 2014 release

4) Apple has more pressing matters than new categories - the 2 million Pebble's sold (or whatever the actual figure is) is tiny in comparison to the 55 million predicted iPhone sales over Christmas. Whatever Tim says, losing marketshare to Samsung with a phablet will hurt him.

I'm not saying that there won't be an iWatch or a new Apple TV, i'm just saying that it's not improbable that Apple doesn't reach into new categories this year to try and focus on the ones they are already in.

Let me know what you think plus, if there was an iWatch would you buy one? Or will you buy a new Apple TV if it was just updated with an SDK and an App Store?