Opinions wanted

Hello residents of the Googleplex. I come to you today with a simple question, but first an explanation. I'm a bit of a fan of Android. It's not my primary OS of choice (that would be iOS), but I enjoy tinkering with it from time to time. I got rid of my GS4 a few months back (replaced it with a 5s, never was big on Samsung anyway) and now wish I still had some connection to Android. So I have a few choices.

1) Buy a $99 Verizon Moto G. I have AT&T, but I wouldn't be using it as a phone anyway, I just want to tinker with Android.

2) Wait for the $299/330 Moto X deal on Monday. I've heard the Moto X is a good phone, and that seems like a good deal.

3) Buy a Nexus 5. I played around with one at Best Buy the other day and it was pretty nice. Really fast for the few minutes I spent with it.

In all these scenarios, none of the phones would be used as a phone (unless I really started to like it). I just want something that will give me a decent experience with Android (semi-future proof) for a cheap price. So which scenario seems like the best bet for what I'm looking for? Maybe you have a different opinion, I'd love to hear it.