FoulPlay: Access the Playstation Network on Windows Phone.

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FoulPlay is the only unofficial application (that I know of) which uses Sony's private PSN API to give access to the Playstation Network. I originally was not going to whore out my application, but Microsoft moved my app from the top of the search results for "Playstation" to the bottom. So I'm trying to spread the word so people know it exists.

With my application, you can:

  • Access your friends list.
  • Send and receive friend requests.
  • Send and receive messages and images.
  • Get and respond to game invites.
  • Compare trophy lists.
  • View the recent activities of your friends.
  • Live Tile and Toast Notification Support. Get alerted to new messages and game invites as they are received. Not even the official app can pull that off, but mine can.
  • User Search

And more!

The official Playstation apps on iOS and Android are, to me, pretty mediocre. They are HTML5/Native hybrid apps. Scrolling is abysmal, especially if you have a large list of friends. While the API can handle having lots of friends, it returns 50 at a time if I recall correctly, it can only draw 15 or so Divs at a time. My app on the other hand is totally native. You can get through a list of 500 friends in about 30 seconds or so.

The biggest thing my app can't do at the moment is the remote control access. That part is actually a native app on each platform. I can explain more parts of the API if anyone is interested.

Sony didn't want to make a PSN app for Windows Phone, so I did it for them.

Get it from the Windows Phone store, or click here.