Windows 8.1 Update Leaked Screenshots w/ Concept

Recently, leaked shots of Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 update have surfaced. (Which might not be true) The update basically shows an "easier" way for users to shut-down and search. This is a nice addition for users to see first and foremost, search and power management -- but does add clutter the the Start Screen. (If only these were options) This is of course, a usability issue amongst users. Microsoft has to cater to as many individuals (and organizations) as possible, and due to our imperfect nature as humans using machines, not every one uses or sees a GUI the same way.




When I first saw this, I immediately was deterred. I understand the move, but was wondering is there was a more sensible way. The menus don't reflect much of the modern design language. So I figured, why not centralize and unify the modern UI feel on the menus, and ditch the search button on the Start Screen. The search button is important, but not that crucial to the user experience, when it's available in the charms. Here is my take on how shutting down the and tile/app management should be for Windows 8.1.


Microsoft Should Consider Emphasizing User’s Actions.

Taking things a step further, Microsoft should consider emphasizing user's actions by highlighting what they're doing. This is a nice way adding polish and recognition to all the color, motion and tiles on the screen. Windows Phone already does this and it's great.