Samsung need to be bigger for the sake of Android. Here's why...

The iPhone. When you buy it, you know what you're getting. You're getting everything Apple intended you to get, everything each iteration was designed to provide. Nothing more, nothing less. And that includes Carrier bloat ware. Carriers have way too much access into Android phones. Not only do they get to include their own wallpapers (relatively small when it comes to changes), they get to install their apps, pick and choose which features make it or not (I'm looking at you, Verizon) and make physical changes outside just the radio (GSM, CDMA, etc.).

Take for example the Rogers Wireless owned Fido here in Canada. A family member of mine bought the (very) popular Galaxy S4, from Fido, on contract (well, tab 24 as they call them now). They included a relatively modest set of apps compared to others. I asked said family member to give me a list of apps provided by Fido, and he gave me a list of 2 (grain of salt should be taken as he may not know whether or not others are by Fido). AppZone and Fido (what I assume is a my account type app). The problem here is, why not let the user choose whether or not they want these? They are available on the PlayStore. There are even reviews of people complaining that they cannot remove these apps (obviously unrooted).

Another example of carrier bloat comes one and a half year ago, when I was looking to buy the Xperia S. The Rogers version had, if I remember correctly, 6 apps installed by Rogers.

This happens because these phones are not big enough and ubiquitous yet. Yes, that includes the S4. The iPhone is able to get away from all this due to the crazy demand people have for it. It sells. This allows Apple to tell the Carriers to do things the way Apple wants, or to walk. This is why Samsung needs to get bigger in the high end of the smartphone world. There is currently no Android phone available through carriers that does not have carrier apps and other such things on it, let alone features locked away (tethering). Should Samsung get big enough (lets face it, only they can), it could mark a change for Android. The average Joe Public can walk out with a phone the way the OEM intended. It would significantly drop the amount of power carriers have,

Heck, Samsung was able to get the same phone on all carriers(the Galaxy S3) after all the different versions of the S2. I hope they can do this.

Your thoughts?