Moto X or Nexus 5

I know this is constantly debated in this forum but i would like to hear your opinion on a few issues I have.

1. Im coming from a HTC One S how much faster will a the Moto X be? My One S is beginning to slow down.

2. Which is more durable?

3. Which phone has better low light performance? As a college student I am in dim bars more than I am willing to admit too.

4. How much better is the N5's screen compared to the Moto X? (note im a fan of AMOLED and its black levels)

5. I really like the the N5 experience UI If I went with the Moto X will I still get active notifications and touchless commands if I install the EUI?

6. Overall which has the better camera?

7. How concerned should I be about my moto x slowing down over the next 2 years?

any opinions help thanks!