Renaming Windows to "Facebook OS" - What if?

What if Windows was renamed to Facebook or Facebook OS. Mindshare would increase ten-fold, and the operating system would be given a breathe of fresh air. The millennials buying apple and google operating systems would pay attention to a facebook branded computer because its a brand they are more familiar with. Courting app makers to a Zuckerberg-approved empire wouldnt be hard with his pull.

We get the facebook ecosystem combined with microsofts ecosystem to create a powerhouse combo that no one can legitimately ignore.


Windows is a "people first" OS right? what says people first more than facebook OS? to the enterprise, you keep the windows brand name and possibly desktop, while facebook OS is your people first consumer solution. We'd instantly be more social, more modern, more hip with the facebook OS name.


Zuckerberg is the modern day Bill Gates.

Microsoft has partial ownership of facebook, and in their ownership contract they have the ability to block stock purchases from competing tech rivals. ms and facebook has a long history partnering together, so this would be a logical step. Ultimately, this is about making bold moves. This would be a bold move to the future. We all know facebook will be around for a while, why not use their name and increase our partnership with them. Im sure they wouldnt mind having every Windows PC be named a facebook PC. they get their "staying power" and we get a modern name to go. Mutually beneficial.

edit: My original idea was just for naming purposes, but taking this idea a step further, we can partner with facebook engineers and colloborate on the operating system. they input social ideas into the core OS, and MS does the rest.