The Simple Reason Paid Apps Aren't Selling Well?

As you might have read or expected, in app purchases in free apps are taking up the majority of revenue in the App Store.

And like many of you, I hate free apps. Yes,there are some really good free apps out there - but most are simply money-suckers.

So I LOVE paid apps that ask me to pay just once for a great user experience. Like Tweetbot. Worth every single penny.

But you know what? I am still downloading free apps. Because all the developers have done to persuade me to buy their apps is just a bunch or words and screenshots. Seriously, I can't see how an average consumer who doesn't read app reviews on the web or participate in forums like this( the paid apps I bought all convinced me via reviews, AppAdvice,etc) will be convinced by these. Yes, I know, it's just a few bucks, but if I keep mindlessly buying paid apps "just because it it a few bucks", what will that amount to in a short amount of time? And who knows those paid apps are really great?

I strongly demand Apple to at least let developers upload a video in the App Store page. If I see how an app is gonna work, that is gonna be a far better idea of whether I will want to purchase it.

What do you think? How do YOU make decisions on paid apps? Don't you think a bunch of words and screenshots are seriously lacking?