My story of how I got sucked into the Apple Ecosystem

Over the years I have been slowly sucked into the Apple universe without any conscious effort on my part. I am not even a fanboy, but now when I step back and access my digital life, I have reached a point where it doesn't make any sense to switch to a different brand because I am so integrated with Apple devices and services.

Here is my story:

My first Apple device was an iPod nano I bought in 2004. That introduced me to the world of iTunes. Slowly I started using iTunes to manage all my music. Over the next few years I bought a couple more iPods. Then in 2008 I bought my first iPhone (3G). Since then I have upgraded every two years to the iPhone 4 and now I am on the iPhone 5. In 2010 I bought my first Mac (a refurbished MacBook Air). My experience with it was so good, I swore off Windows laptops for ever except the ones I am assigned at work. I am still using the same 4 year old Mac and it works just as well as it did when I first bought it. In 2012 I bought an Apple TV and I mostly use it to stream Netflix and for Airplay (what a seamless experience that is).

Like I said, I am no Apple fanboy, I just buy stuff that I need and that compliments my lifestyle. I didn't see the appeal for the iPad and skipped the first 4 generations. When the iPad Air came out, I decided to try it for month and see if it actually served a purpose. I have had the iPad Air for a few months now and it works so well with all my other Apple devices (iPhone, Mac, Apple TV) I can't imagine being without it now. It is my No.1 content consumption device at home and I probably use it more than my iPhone and Mac combined. Suffice to say, it does serve a purpose and I never returned it.

Lastly, I am a big fan of iCould. I can't believe how seamlessly it syncs my contacts, photos and apps across all my devices. I take a lot of pictures on my iPhone and I share it with my parents who still use Windows computers but can see all the pictures I share with them through the iCould control panel app for Windows. I am very happy that the iCloud photo sharing is cross-platform. I use the Google+ app on my iOS devices too to backup my photos automatically to Google+ and that works great for automatic backup of photos and photo sharing with my other family members.

I have reached a stage now where I can't imagine changing to a different ecosystem. It wasn't even a conscious decision on my part to pick Apple over Google or MS, but it just happened gradually. The Apple devices in my life currently (iPhone, iPad, Macbook Air, Apple TV) does everything I want and they work together well. It probably happened because Apple was the first mover in many of the areas, but if there was an alternate ecosystem at the time that allowed me to do the same things, I probably would have looked at it as well. But now it is too late.

Any of you here care to share your own experiences of how Apple became a part of your life or how you became a part of the Apple ecosystem? Anybody here thinking of leaving the Apple ecosystem for any reason?