Common myths about the Surface product family and Windows (RT) 8.1

Let's correct some myths that are common with a lot of reviewers (and probably with consumers). Please add to this list in the comment section!

  • The keys on the Touch Cover and Touch Cover 2 are not touch sensitive - they're pressure sensitive, which makes for a typing experience that's very different from touch sensitive capacative on-screen keyboards.
  • The new silver finish of the Surface 2 is not the natural color of the VaporMg - bumps and scratches reveal the slightly lighter colour of the actual magnesium underneath the silverish grey coating.
  • In Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1, you don't need to open the apps list or search for "desktop" in order to access the desktop. The fact that the desktop is not pinned to the Start screen by default doesn't mean you can't pin it.
  • The Surface 2 does not come in an additional silver colour - it's availably in silver only.
  • The Surface 2 running Windows RT 8.1 does not have some of the new features that the "full" version of Windows 8.1 has - it's basically identical feature-wise (apart from legacy app support and a handful of other things)
  • You don't need to switch to the desktop environment in order to use a file explorer. Basic local file explorer functionality is integrated into the preinstalled Skydrive app.
  • Microsoft didn't drop the "RT" from "Windows RT 8.1". They just chose to name the new device "Surface 2" instead of "Surface RT 2"