Bought my first Apple product!

Well besides that time I talked my father into buying a g4 imac and 2nd day of owning it half the screen going dark. But that was a long time ago.


It's a fun alien experience using a Mac after 15 years of PC's. The OS feels much more thought out and simple. Sometimes to annoying ends but the answer is often a google and an extra key press or option setting away from working just how I'd like. For example, turning off caps lock is as simple as keyboard settings, disable or changing sound output channel is an option click to sound icon away. Both of these take more steps and/or hacking registry for similar results on windows.

The trackpad will probably be the most missed though, the glass is always smooth and the precision is incomparable to any computer I've ever used. I even enjoy the backwards scrolling that's more ipad like.

The display is stunning. I will have trouble leaving the retina display. 200 dollar tablets often have better screens than our computers so hopefully soon this higher resolution will be the norm. It's a perfect screen.

They have amazing support! Each call I made was picked up in less than a minute from the time I was connected to the wonderful apple robot.

The problem is a simple one, so much so it boggles my mind this issue exists. The wifi is broken. After the computer sleeps a few minutes the wifi will not work until reset. I have calledapple and they sent me though multiple steps to try. I called again three times but each 45 minutes of troubleshooting failed to fix the issue. They told me to run in safemode and see if the issue still exists and other homework before reporting back.... Ok sure.. ill.. google this. (safemode fixed nothing btw)

After a quick google search I realized it was all an incredible waste of time. Other retina MacBooks had this issue as well, most related when upgrading to mavericks. My computer came like that. It came broken with mavericks. Ever so often there is a post hinting that the next beta fixes this issue. It would be nice if I wasn't led around deleting applications and services by apple tech all day and was just told what's going on. ...if the 1st level reps even have any support information on this issue at all.

I just can't justify this kind of price for a computer with such a basic problem with no current solution.