Windows 8+ Right Click Menu -- Thoughts

The right click menu is ugly. old. original. I saw a Windows 8.1 Update concept showing the ability to right click on the 'Metro' Icons and it looks ugly.

My thoughts are, have the backround of the menu be colored with what ever theme/color you have for your Windows environment (the text will have to change color to make it easier to read -- probably switch from Black and White).

I also think there should be an animation, make it prettier! I think a good 'Metro' like animation would be a Slide. either have it slide to the side or slide down (keeping the curser centered with the menu)

[[Another Idea on the Animation: Have a bar slide out from the curser(left or right) then have the bar slide down revealing the items]]

Last, I notice there are some mini icons next to some menu options...remove those. or make it consistant, and everything has an icon.

I am no concept artist, or a specialist in anyway, just trying to get some good thoughts out there...maybe Microsoft will read them one day