College Student: iPad Mini VS Surface 2

I want your opinion. I have a budget of $500-$600, and was deciding between the iPad Mini 32GB or Surface 2 32GB.

I don't:

  • Play Games
  • Watch a lot of Netflix (at least during this semester... ;) )
  • Care about Facetime or Skype
I do:
  • Need to to be able to take decent notes (bluetooth keyboard or Touch/Type cover)
  • Need an eReader
  • Need to have good multitasking between web browser and word processor like Textilus or Word

It's also worth mentioning that I have an older Windows 7 laptop and a Windows 8 phone. I really love the Mini's size footprint, and the app catalog is really tempting. A surface 2 makes more sense to do work, and office support would be awesome. I feel like I could work pretty quickly with an external keyboard and a Mini... but I'm still undecided.
Which would you get, in my position? Or should I skip both and save for a Macbook Air?