If Apple doesn't makes a bigger screen iPhone....then what?

As a Apple fan i can honestly say i hate apple rumors. I miss the days when you got rumors from rumor site and actual news from news sites. Now news site including The Verge are using rumors about Apple will finally come out with a bigger screen iPhone as if its actual news and the gadget bloggers are just having a field day with it as if its a fact. We have been hearing this for two years now. And what drives me even more crazy is when Tech Blogs keep saying what apple needs to do. We all heard this before Apple needs to make a bigger screen iPhone, Apple needs to embrace nfc, that need wireless charging, they need to be in the cheap pc market, they must enter the cheap phone market......well you get the point. And I'll like to add that all these are geek needs fueled by tech geeks and most importantly gadget bloggers. The majority of consumers are really screaming for these things.

Having a bigger screen iPhone is welcomed in my opinion but the way apple might do it isn't the way these ADHD nerds and these bloggers want it to be. If anything it might be the way Moto X screen size which in my opinion not a overly sized big screen phone. I think motorola got the size right and apple should go that route and not the route the way samsung is doing theirs. But if Apple doesn't come out with a huge sized iPhone its not gonna hurt their sales in the slightest. I see iPhones everywhere and their sales data backs that up. So my question is are the majority of consumers screaming for Apple to create a huge screen iPhone or is it these redundant gadget bloggers screaming for it.

It's a couple of user comments on a tech news site I found and i believe it pretty much nailed it.

"The problem with many companies such as Samsung, Microsoft and others is that they often find themselves trapped in the perpetual role dictated to them by their industry and media heavyweights directing them on what needs to be done. Apple is and always has been no less than an expression of its "individuality".

"Apple doesn't ride others' waves. They create their own waves and, in some cases, tsunamis".