WTF Apple isn't capable of replacing broken iPhone 5s screens??! Buy a case people!

I had no idea that Apple is not capable of replacing broken iPhone 5s screens. This is my first iPhone but I always heard that people replaced their screens either with third parties or at an Apple Store. The only solution offered by Apple is to replace -the whole phone- for 270$ (+NY taxes). While I think that that's a fair price for a replacement I expected a payment of 150$ at the most for such a problem.

If I would've known that, I really would've put on a protective case. I like having the iPhone naked, but the risk is way too high. You see people with broken screens all the time, you would think that Apple had a solution ready.

So my message to everybody is to be aware of this! Put on a really good case if you think there is even a slight chance that you'll drop the phone one day (that is what I will do if I have enough money to replace my phone).

Does anybody have experience or knowledge of a third party which replaces the iPhone 5s screen?

Edit: Apparently there is confusion what this post is about. To clarify I changed the title and add this:

A: What I expected is to pay around 150$ so that Apple would replace the screen.

B: What I could get is to pay around 270$ so that Apple replaces the whole phone.

"A" is what Apple offers for basically every phone besides the 5s. I was sadly not aware of the fact that Apple is not capable of replacing iPhone 5s screens.