'Ringworld' is February's Book Club pick: reading schedule below

As you may have noticed if you've been keeping tabs on the poll, Ringworld is our February Book Club pick. Here's when we'll be discussing it:

  • February 5th: Chapters 1 - 6 ("Louis Wu" to "Christmas Ribbon")
  • February 12th: Chapters 7 - 12 ("Stepping Discs" to "Fist-of-God")
  • February 19th: Chapters 13 - 18 ("Starseed Lure" to "The Perils of Teela Brown")
  • February 26th: Chapters 19 - 24 ("In the Trap" to "Fist-of-God")

You can follow along right here in the forums, or on our Goodreads group. See you all next week!