The one area were all conquering Android still sucks.

There are no large android tablets that are nearly as good as the ipad air. There are plenty of brillaint small ones and there are mid-sized ones like the LG G pad, but there are no good quality ones with a big screen.

My brother has poor eyesight and needs a physically bigger screen and there are no good quality ones available. It isn't about the better app selection on the iPad as 90% of don't do music creation or that kind of stuff on tablets. Android has all the tablet apps the average person needs but the hardware isn't there.

Family member is going to US next week so decision needs to be made soon. He is looking at the Ipad air 32gb

Nexus 10 is outdated and the processor isn't really up to snuff. Kindle fire HDX 8.9 is amazing but possibly a bit shit OS wise. Note 10.1 ? It looks like shit to me though compared to the iPad

Nokia 2520? Surface 2 32GB?

Have I missed something? Help!!