Moto X Camera Question

Googleplex Hivemind,

I'm getting really close to biting the bullet on buying a Moto X. I've been craving that sweet, sweet wood back, and the phone itself is absolutely wonderful, particularly coming from a Galaxy Note 2 purchased on impulse that has been far too big for me for the last year.

I am a Verizon agent, and I checked out a Moto X from the store for the weekend to try it out and see how it would work for me as a daily driver. Overall, I think it's the phone I'm looking for. My only concern was the camera performance, as I had heard extremely mixed reviews. After installing the KitKat update and the update to the Motorola Camera app, I took a bunch of pictures and found most of them to be acceptable to pretty good.

Until this happened:





I feel pretty blue about this development.

So, Moto X owners, whenever I took a picture of an illuminated orange or yellow background, I got a lot of blue noise or blue tint to the image.

Have you guys found a way to offset this? Other camera apps? Suggestions? Am I just out of luck in this scenario if I decide to go with the Moto X?