Movie Monstrocity Reveals

Is is just me or are long winded reveals to movie monsters just a huge waste of time now?

Let me give you an example.

The trailer for Godzilla 2014 shows off a monster for about 2 seconds for a full 2 mintues worth of bullshit run of the mill scary reveal tactics.

Cloverfield was a huge disappointment in this regard as well, where there was no budget for CGI, so they just filmed people running around. I had to google what the thing actually looked like.



WTF is that? Did anybody actually see this in the movie?

We live in the world of 6 second Vine videos! Get to the point!30819-sweet-brown-funny-gif-j2gj_medium


I'm not saying a little buildup isn't necessary, but if your monster is on screen for 2 mintues of the two hours i spend watching people scream, you failed. Zoom out and show us what this thing can do! Dont just film creepshots, and tease us.

Maybe there have been too many bad directors making monster movies to ruin everyone's taste. Or maybe I'm doing monster movies wrong.

This also goes to show how unreliable trailers are for most movies. They will either give away everything, and the movie just felt like a longer version of the trailer you watched, or they give you false hope of something great. Godzilla here is a toss up.

I would love to hear a discussion of both sides here. You guys may also have better examples for either side.