The 'Perfect' Phone (Jan. 2014 Edition)

This is a thread that has been reposted several times over the last few months now, but still one that I couldn't find among the last 200, so I decided to repost it myself.

Clearly - there's no such thing as the absolute perfect smartphone... but we can still have a little fun merging specs from phones here and there to make what would be our perfect phone. Kinda like a puzzle.

My 'perfect' device, as of now, would be...

A Moto X with a 5" 1080p AMOLED panel in the same shell that the actual X has running Motorola's features (and something like 2taps2wake) atop not pure stock Android but the Paranoid Android ROM - add the Nexus 5's specs (basically an X8 CPU now based off a Snapdragon 800/805), 3GB of RAM (just to be futureproof), wireless charging, water and dust resistance capabilities, a Note 3-like battery life and the iPhone 5s camera... with a few of the best iOS apps alongside our beloved Android ones.
I would love to have a couple front facing stereo speakers, too, but I have to admit that the "stock" one is cool enough for my needs.
As far as colours go, I would probably go for a crimson back, a white front and a silver accent.

What about you?