Microsoft Should Focus on Something

Microsoft seems to be spreading itself pretty thin. Working with Phones and Tablets, Search and Gaming, keeping up with its enterprise software, and being bombarded from all ends by Apple, Google and more...

Each tech company has branched off of something. Apple with Music and Media. Google with Search and Data. Microsoft with Office and Enterprise. Amazon with Books. and so on... Each company has a focus.

Since Microsoft is trying to rebrand and become more consumer oriented I think they should change there focus off of Office and Enterprise to something different (not saying to quit paying attention to Office/Enterprise. But to focus on something on the consumer end) -- I think that focus should be Home Entertainment.

Microsoft should still continue to work on all the other areas they work on. But should pay special focus to one area, as Apple does to iTunes/iPhone and google does with Maps/Search. Microsoft should with Xbox(video, music, tv, gaming) in the living room and branch off from there, tying in other devices and features.

Some Ideas I have for Xbox is - Xbox Live + Xbox Music and all those other subscriptions should be cut down to one or two subscriptions... have Xbox Services and Office Services (Xbox Live, Music, Skype - and - Office 365, OneDrive etc).

Make a cheap Xbox TV box like Roku. Work on the UI, and plenty more... Xbox has good brand value, and is something no other tech company has (besides Sony).

Let me know what you think! Especially if you work at Microsoft, I would love to get there opinion on these ideas.