I Try to Leave Apple...But i cant

I am trying to move to Microsoft Ecosystem, but I am having the hardest time. Windows Phone obviously is missing apps. Windows 8.1 is great and all, but is missing some things like Windows Media Center is not nearly as pretty or good as iTunes (no iTunes equivalent with the same UI look at Windows 8)

Speaking of UI... The UI in Windows 8 is just all over the place, I run into programs that have OLD looks to it, some have metro look, some have something totally different... Mac programs whether it be Evernote, iTunes, random Video Converting, uTorrent, Eclipse... they all have a similar look to Mac OSx.

The completely working ecosystem! of Apple.

Not needing CD Keys for the operating system, or iWorks... ( All I want to do is reinstall windows...but who knows where that CD Key is! )

Time Machine Backups..

Hardware Similarity Slim, Aluminum, Curved.