Suggestions for sensationalist, misleading titles manufactured by The Verge

Just a list to demonstrate the facts, and the facts embellished to make the titles more attractive at the expense of the reader. Some tactics include burying the lede, pitting groups against each other (flamebaiting), claims without evidence, conclusions that are inconsistent with assertions, and others that are misleading the reader. I want to identify a few of the articles, offer my input, and see the community's opinion.

The age of the iPod is over

Apple's game changer is riding into the sunset

But does the lack of attention and decline in sales mean the company's killing off the iPod entirely? That's completely uncertain.

I scoured this article, as I'm sure many others did, to find where Apple said they were killing off the iPod. Then I searched for any suggestions Apple gave that they were killing off the iPod. Then I realized The Verge pulled a Fox News and reported finding based on opinions formed by themselves.

PlayStation 4 won't play Blu-rays or DVDs out of the box

Of course, these features will be available once you install the 300MB update, but for those looking to simply enjoy their shiny new PS4 straightaway, they'll be in for a bit of a wait instead.

While the title is technically true, it's wildly misleading. You won't need to buy anything to make it play DVDs, the user isn't losing any capability. A better title would be "PS4 will require day-one update to play DVDs."

"Electric cars won't save the planet"

Lead author Joseph DeCarolis tells The Verge that the findings should not discourage people from buying electric vehicles, which can still be helpful in relieving the country from its oil dependency or improving urban air quality. He also warns against drawing any sweeping conclusions and points out that the key issue going forward will be "the emissions intensity associated with the electricity being consumed by the plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles."

A better interpretation from Slate, "Actually, Electric Cars Are Good for the Planet"

But if you read closely, the paper assumes that, under a carbon cap, the nation will pollute exactly to the limit of the cap no matter what specific technologies are adopted. Under this theory, all the emissions saved by switching to electric vehicles would simply create more room under the cap for people to pollute in other ways, like burning more coal. In that case, the study argues that electric vehicles would technically be lowering the cost of carbon rather than actually leading to a reduction in overall emissions.

Watch Michael Bay melt down onstage at CES

Is this type of shaming really necessary?

Google and Audi plot new front in Android vs. iOS war

Some Audi drivers can already access Google products through their car

Needlessly pitting Android users against iOS users. There is no evidence to support this "war" you are harping on.

Why is Microsoft scared of Chromebooks?


Bing it on: can third-party apps and voice control push Google out of Windows?

New features for their new OS. Has nothing to do with Google. Everything mentioning Google in this article was pulled out of the air. This was just another opportunity to perpetuate this war between Microsoft and Google to entice both tribes to click on the article and fight one another.

Google will start using your picture to sell products to friends

The new advertising model is similar to Facebook, which shows which of your friends have liked an business or service on its social networking site. As with Facebook, Google provides the ability to opt out of the new shared endorsement program. Users who have previously opted out of sharing their +1s with friends will also be opted out of the expanded shared endorsements,

Completely misleading. Burying important information that is inconvenient for the sensationalist.

These glasses let you see the world through your favorite typeface

The Garamond line takes a different approach, highlighting the deliberate differences in the typeface's stroke weights in the spectacle's bridge and frame.

It took me longer than it should have to figure out that these glasses won't actually change the font on the things I see in the world, unlike what the title suggests. Unfortunately, they are just frames with serifs.

Amazon plans to ship your packages before you even buy them

FROM SOURCE ARTICLE (The Wallstreet Journal):

"So Amazon says it may box and ship products it expects customers in a specific area will want – based on previous orders and other factors — but haven’t yet ordered. According to the patent, the packages could wait at the shippers’ hubs or on trucks until an order arrives."