Let's play a game. What should Microsoft buy?

Microsoft's got a little pocket change, right? What would you suggest they spend it on?

The rules are as follows:

  • You can't suggest a financially prosperous company that wouldn't want to be bought, like Apple or Toyota. Be realistic! A good rule of thumb is that the top 50 richest companies (by net worth, we'll say) would want to stay discrete entities. Companies with excellent prospects also probably wouldn't want to sell themselves or parts of themselves off.
  • A merger between Microsoft and a Microsoft-sized company (in any category; if they're peers in any respect, then this applies) doesn't count. Let's say that antitrust/anti-monopoly laws would prevent that, even if they obviously wouldn't.
  • It doesn't have to be a company. For example, "I think they should buy a stock of dashing cashmere sweaters for their employees. All the other companies would be so jealous!" Strangely, that's more realistic than a Microsoft-->Apple buyout.
  • You have to give a sentence or two explaining why. Maybe it's obvious to you, but perhaps it's not so obvious to everyone else. If your justification is good enough, then the rest of the rules don't really matter, because you'll have convinced me and everyone else, and I made the rules.
  • It has to have a quantifiable cost. Microsoft can't buy the Moon. They also can't buy NASA, SpaceX, or Virgin Galactic and cover the Moon with Windows-powered rovers. They just can't. The Moon is off-limits. We'll say that Google owns and loves the Moon dearly, for the purposes of this game.
  • Suggest a price, if you can figure one out.
So, what should Microsoft buy?