Anyone else really want an iPhone notification led?

Having used a Nexus 4 and 5 off and on and then returning to an iPhone, the one thing that drives me nuts is the lack of a notification led on the iPhone. This may be a more unique problem to me as I don't keep my phone in my pocket constantly, so I won't always feel vibrations.

Moto's statement in this article:

Motorola’s research found that that people turn their phones on and off an average of 60 times a day, just to check the time or identify the beeping in their pants.

Something like active notifications really isn't in the cards without an AMOLED display, but how I wish for a notification led. I don't really like Android, so this is one of those frustrations I'm forced to live with.

Outside of the obvious benefits and complications of an led, it seems like this would drastically reduce wear and tear on the home button and power button for "just checking if I missed an email/text" screen wakes.

Anyone else? What do you think?