The lack of a decent Twitter client for Windows Phone is quite shocking

I mean seriously? The official client is OK at best from a design perspective; but notifications are a mess. There are tons of third party clients in the market and they all have at least some deal-breaker.

  1. Tweet It! - The best one I found. But no push notifications.
  2. Twabbit - Faster push notifications, though still a few minutes late. Mediocre design. Can't view responses to tweets. WTF?!
  3. MeTweets - Just very buggy and slow.
  4. Mehdoh - No push notifications. 30 minute polling.
  5. Gleek - Full of useless stuff. Not very functional. No push notifications.

So basically there is no client with a proper push notification system. And worst of all these are all paid clients. I wasn't around in the Rowi days, but I heard it had push notifications and was an overall excellent client.

What's worse is that none of these clients even bother to list whether they have push notifications or not. Mehdoh is the worst. They specifically state they have push notifications. I bought the app just for that only to find out its just a once per 30 min background task.

I know I'm being paranoid about notifications but it's important to me. I always have the phone with me. Plus it helps when your're DM'ing someone. You need to know when you've received a reply, not 30 minutes late.