A cocky Duck-Billed Dinosaur


via blogs.scientificamerican.com

Fossils help us to reconstruct the appearance of dinosaurs. However, soft tissue including combs, wattle, proboscides (nose) rarely ossified, leaving the mysteries of dinosaur appearance and blanking the hints of dinosaurs’ locomotion and sexual display. Recently, a group of scientist from Australia, Italy and Canada found a "mummified" specimen of Edmontosaurus regalis, a.k.a. duck-billed dinosaur, and identified a well-preserved comb structure. This discovery provide a first piece of evidence to prove that dinosaur truly have the soft-tissue signaling structure, comb here, indicating existence of more complex social behavior. This duck-billed dinosaur looks even more cocky now.

Reference: A Mummified Duck-Billed Dinosaur with a Soft-Tissue Cock's Comb. Current Biology. 2014