Xperia Z1s vs. HTC One

My wife and I recently switched from AT&T to T-Mobile; we've had a great experience so far. My wife is switching from the HTC One to the Xperia Z1s and while the phone is very nice, the washed-out screen, oddly large bezels, and the bloatware are insufferable. I'm really thinking about trading the Xperia in for another HTC One, but given that the HTC is nearly a year old, runs an older processor, and that rumors of HTC releasing an updated model soon, give me pause. Also, for some strange reason, the Xperia is selling outright for $70 than the HTC One and I can't figure out why.

In the end, I want the phone that will have longevity (likely the Xperia) but the features on the HTC are still alluring. Any advice? Has anyone used both that has some insight? I'm also considering the Nexus 5 but I'm really looking for something with a solid camera, so I'm not very confident in the Nexus... Any assistance would be appreciated.