Will Google buy Samsung Mobile?

So Motorola will now be sold off to Lenovo. It was a good run with Google. They released the Moto X, the most customizable smartphone ever, and the Moto G, the first cheap Android phone that's actually great to use. But as of today, this will be history. Lenovo will take over, and they will make an impact on Motorola. Whether it's a good or a bad impact on them is far off, but Lenovo will surely have an affect on Motorola's strategy and vision.

This quite surprising sale seems like a part of Google's new partnership with Samsung. The Motorola sale is announced just a day before the earning's call for Google, so executes have some explanation to do for investors on this $9 billion loss sale (excluding the losses Motorola had in the past 2 years), and they must discuss about future investments. This, coupled with the cross-licensing deal between Google and Samsung, as well as rumors about Google and Samsung discussing the future of Android's UI and the Samsung's "Galaxy Glass", means that there is some heavy partnership that could be happening between Google and Samsung Mobile.

It's been clear for a while that Samsung dominates the Android market, and Google has to live with that. All other OEMs have failed to compete with Samsung's manufacturing and marketing power. Therefore, for Android to live on, Google needs Samsung. Samsung on the other hand, was actually preparing for a backup plan with their own distinct services and Tizen OS, so it was kinda clear that Samsung wasn't in desperate need for Google. Nevertheless, Samsung is rumored to have stopped developing Tizen all together!

If we connect these rumors together and today's Motorola sale announcement, I think Google is preparing for something big. After CES, something has definitely changed at Google. They bought Nest out of the blue, they're partnering with Samsung, and they've sold Motorola. All this in a matter of one month!

Could the next big step for Google to buy Samsung Mobile? Doesn't seem far fetched now.

What do you think?