Cool new download product but no Windows Apps


Our public library just subscribed to this thing called Hoopla where you can download movies, music, and TV shows for free. However, for Windows, you can only stream the movies or music.

Here is what they say in their help screens:

All titles are available for streaming and most are available for download, based on Studio or Publisher restrictions. However, titles are only available for download on mobile devices, such as iOS (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch) and supported Android phones or tablets.

Aren't Windows 8/RT devices tablets, too, in many cases? Why don't the developers of these products support Windows phones or tablets? I see this often and it's frustrating.

It's great that public libraries can offer content like this but it would be nice if the rules for use were device agnostic. Maybe you can help me contact them and let them know that we'd like apps for Window 8/RT and Phone.