I want my money back

I am so unbelievably pissed right now. Got the Moto X for Christmas, after lusting after it for months. Previous phone was a Galaxy Nexus. 98% of the reason I got the phone was that a) Google owns the company b) Because of Google's ownership, fast and frequent updates are guaranteed c) Stock Android, no skins or modification, aside from some very helpful features.

I just signed a two year contract and a vast majority of the reason why I was interested in the device in the first place means codswallop now. Too late to get a return. No promise of any future updates, and those may be vastly delayed, and at the expense of some sort of shitty skin.

As petty as it is, I feel betrayed and ripped off. Google bought the company, stripped it down, got it running with a great product line, and really got people believing in the vision that Apple isn't the only company that can do vertical integration well with phones, and they just pissed all over it, and I can't do jackshit if I don't like what direction Lenovo takes the device I'm strapped with for the next two years, aside from bitch and complain and pay for an unsubsidized phone.