I seen this on Instagram today. chrispirillo ...some of you may know this Youtuber, for those that don't it's Chris Pirillo. He has 340,000 YT subscribers, he was a tech channel for many years and now has moved to Vlogs mainly. He has upwards of 1 million views on some videos. So is it right that he is straight out asking for money from his viewers, and in this case just so he can review products & write news that we can get from other sources for free anyway. It's not the first time he has asked for money out right either, over the past 2 years he's been constantly asking for donations regardless of the views he gets & company sponsores. I've pretty much stopped following him since he started this. Is this pure greed from him or does YT just not pay that much? I'm a follower of MKBHD who has never once shown an add or asked for money, & others like Soldier Knows Best & so on never ask for donations & only show adds 50% of the time. So why is Chris asking for money? Greed?