So Google Sold Motorola...And?

Google seems to be causing a sort of emotional panic lately with its adds, moves, and changes. First Nest, than Samsung, now Motorola.

But lets just focus on this Motorola sale. Now I must admit, I had high hopes for Motorola under Google as it had real promise with what they were doing. So to see them get passed off to Lenovo is personally disappointing.

But hey I am glass half full kind of guy so lets look at the bigger picture. Lenovo is not Samsung, and out of all the OEM and hardware manufacturers they have promise. Even their Android phones they are pushing out now seem to have decent build quality.

In my opinion, I think for Lenovo to really make this work, they are going to continue to do what Motorola is doing and become the sort of Anti-Samsung. I see Lenovo eventually moving it's entire mobile operation to Motorola, while the parent focuses exclusively on laptops and computers. Motorola is a bigger name in Mobile and Lenovo could leverage their existing presence in the US and other markets to increase their global smartphone footprint.

They key for Lenovo will be to not mess with what Motorola is doing, and offer more infrastructure and supply chain support, rather than trying to put their own spin on Motorola devices.

Anyway just my thoughts. The real results of the sale will not be apparent until we see what device Motorola releases in the summer, so we just need to closely observe.