The iPhone 5C epitomizes what is wrong with Apple right now.

This article from Fox News today pretty much sums up how I feel about he iPhone 5C:

Apple tried to widen the iPhone's appeal with the cheaper 5C, which was essentially a recycled version of the iPhone's previous generation. To make the 5C look like something new, Apple dressed it up in a brightly colored array of plastic casings.

Let's get fucking real. This is EXACTLY what the iPhone 5C was. Instead of trying to innovate, and make a great cheap phone, or something interesting, they slapped a plastic shell on last years model and hoped consumers wouldn't know. Consumers avoided the iPhone 5C like the steaming pile that it was. Consumers aren't stupid, they will happily pay $100 for something newer and more innovative (the iPhone 5S).

The iPhone 5C was just a lazy product. This is why Wall Street is fleeing from $AAPL. This is why Samsung and android has gained so much ground. This is one of the reasons why this quarter's revenue is the first decrease that will take place in 10 years. Because what has made Apple great is that they were leaders, not profit grabbers. Steve Jobs would never approve a lazy product. It isn't in Apples DNA.

Lest anyone try to argue that the iPhone 5C was NOT a misstep:

In Monday's conference call with analysts, Apple CEO Tim Cook made it clear that the 5C didn't sell as well as the company anticipated, though he didn't provide specifics. Cook hailed the 5S model as the star performer in the company's holiday quarter.

I'm hoping that 2014 proves me wrong. I want to be in love with Apple's products again. I know I'll be called a troll, and flamed...but who cares. The truth fucking hurts.