Advice on the cheapest camera for my needs?

I was wondering if anyone has a good suggestion as to a camera with great video and pictures for less.

For Video

I plan to use it for the kind of shots The Verge does (swooping micro-shots, heavy focus changes in decently-lit environments, and maybe some run-and-shoot kind of video) , as well as interviews with a separate mic. Some bonus would go towards taking decent night video as well. It's worth mentioning I would like to have a decent auto-focus system.

For Photos

I'm a designer by trade and I would like to integrate more photography into my web design, games, and print. Ordinarily this would mean decently-lit photos, like product shots. I also want something that can simply take great pictures in most environments. I'm tired of the muddy night pictures of my phone. I could settle for less than perfect night video, but I feel like any camera worth more than $300 these days should be able to take at least good night photos without a lot of fussing.

This might be a lofty goal, but I'm really hoping there's a camera out there for me.

Some of my research...

I've done a lot of reading on Canon's offerings and Nikon's offerings and thought that the t5i or the SL1 would both be very capable cameras as an amateur videographer and photographer. My main problem seems to be that those camera's image quality seems a bit behind Nikon's offerings and some reviewers claim to just go mirrorless.

I kinda wanted to stay away from mirror-less cameras because of all the lenses available for Canon and Nikon's offerings. Part of me wants to go Nikon, because their lenses can be used on their full-frame models if I ever upgrade, but response to their video offerings often goes unnoticed or simply avoided. Some follow the consensus that Canon are just still better at video, especially with Magic Lantern available for a lot of Canon devices.

I haven't looked too deeply at other vendors like Sony or Pentax because I know their lens selection isn't as good as Canon's or Nikon's. I have heard good things about the Panasonic GH2 and GH3. The GH3 is above what I'd be willing to pay, though.

Is there a right DSLR for me?