Surface tablets selling better than nexus tablets in USA and Canada.

Holiday survey by Chitika indicates strong performance by Amazon and Microsoft. These are the changes after christmas compared to the holiday period.

Few observations:

  • BF day sales of last get surface might have played huge role in this surge (of course it also helped kindles and galaxy tabs which start at $130)
  • Impressive to see surface tablets outselling nexus devices which are generally sold at cost (especially very high specced nexus 7 2013 model).
  • It would have been even better for surface if Microsoft had managed the supplies of surface 2 and surface pro 2 which are out of stock almost everywhere since the BF on Nov 28th.
  • iPAD still much ahead of the competition even though it lost some share. May be the new iPADs are not selling as well as the old models which were blockbusters in the launch quarters.

Microsoft should improve the supply of new surface models. They should also release surface mini which was rumored.

What do you guys think?