Android app problems

Hey guys, I'm having some serious issues with the Android app for the Verge.


When I tap Reply I often see a toast message: "Error connecting to server". Then after typing an incredibely intelligent comment and tapping the Send button I see the following toast: "Error posting message"

I've tried resetting the app data, cache, reinstalling completely, I've even changed roms (not due to this but still). Nothing seems to help. It does bring up the second problem:

Logging in

I originally created my account with Facebook. That is an easy way to log in, but not when the login screen of the app looks like this:


I tried connecting my Google account on desktop and using the Google login, it lets me choose my account and then nothing happens.

In the end I set up regular Verge account password and that works, but this all is just a huge mess.

Have other people had these problems? Basically the app is reduced in value greatly because I can't comment and loggin in on the app is a total nightmare.