How much on-screen time are you getting on your phone ?

I am getting around around 4 hours on-screen time with 80% brightness.

On Lowest brightness , I get around 5.5-6.5 hours on-screen time.

EDIT : Using a Galaxy S4 running 4.3 (Touchwiz)

In both cases , battery goes to 10-15% at the end of the day and roughly 8-9 hours of usage since charge (Add 3-4 more hours for draining that 10-15% to 1%) , That gives roughly around 11-14 hours of usage with above mentioned cases.

P.S , I am able to get battery from morning till night without any problems , So I think battery life is decent for me (not poor nor impressive).Standby time was way better on 4.2.2 , It was reduced drastically on 4.3.