KitKat bugs on Moto G

I was very excited to sell my iPod Touch and buy a Moto G. Great cheap phone overall, except the camera is lacking in low light. I also knew that the phone would be getting updated to KitKat very quickly and was excited about that.

I have had experience with Android before, and was actually very excited to get back after using iPad and iPod for a while. In my opinion, Android is a clear winner when it comes to sharing options and sharing stuff between apps. I also like the notification system, maybe not better than iOS, but different and I like it.

Anyway, I bought the phone and it came with Jellybean. It ran beautifully and smoothly; it was glorious. Then came the KitKat update, which I promptly installed. It was a great surprise too, I did not anticipate it to come out so quickly. However, there are some really annoying bugs on it. I really don't know if it is KitKat related in general or just KitKat on Moto G, so that's why I am taking it here.

Frequently, the app icons will go black. Widgets too, sometimes. Other times all text on app labels and inside widgets turns into these rectangles/blocks. Very annoying. Sometimes app icons, instead of tuning black, get replaced y this blown up picture of some app icon a background of sorts. Let me see if I can attach the screenshots that I took.

You can see in one of the images, when icons turn black (and i think i noticed a patters, it happens when i scroll too quickly) then I can't see anything in the app drawer. Very annoying as even if I exit and enter again or lock, unlock the screen, it doesn't help. I think sometimes opening an app helps. Also you can see that when i selected the calendar widget when the letters turned blocky, then the letters in widget became normal, but only while it was in edit mode. After I set it in place, the letters in the calendar widget again turned blocky.

Does anyone else have anything similar happen? This never occurred prior to the KitKat update.

Unrelated, I kinda hate the Android back button. I know it's a controversial issue, but it isn't always intuitive for me. It also doesn't help that some apps implement their own back button in addition to the nav back button, and it can be unintuitive how far back each goes. I also miss control center in iOS, for rotational lock; why can't Android add that to the setting shade? Ugh.